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Research Matters

Since 1987, UW Positive Research (formally the UW Aids Clinical Trails) has been conducting rigorous human-centered research focused on HIV treatment, HIV remission/cure, comorbidities associated with HIV, and other infectious diseases like COVID-19 and MPOX. We’re consistently part of breakthrough research that leads to better care for everyone.

Today's volunteers help us find tomorrow's answers

​HIV treatment is better than ever today because of volunteers chose to participate in clinical trials. You can make an impact by joining research.
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Featured on VICE TV:

Dr. Rachel Bender-Ignacio, along with other UWPR staff and our partners at King County and Fred Hutch are featured in this VICE TV documentary to discuss the progress of HIV-treatment in Seattle and developments made toward CURE due to research!


In the interview with Dr. Bender-Ignacio, we are referred to as our former name, the UW Aids Clinical Trials Unit (UW ACTU).

Our Research Partners

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